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Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free Chef Certification for the Professional or Home Chef | Low-Carb Sugar-Free Recipes

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A Revolutionary, Innovative, & Interactive Online Program

Take your health back into your own hands with the knowledge and skills of making your own food.

"Congratulations for putting together such an amazing course. I am speechless. I had an amazing time doing this course. It's amazing how much I have learned in these 3 months. I had followed your instructions 100% and managed to get all the ingredients in as well."

- Mariana Dias, Wellness By Mod

Pure Joy Graduate

Michelina - Tells About Her Experience

"Pure Joy Academy took my passion for food and healthy eating to the next level! From the daily lectures on conscious communication and thinking, to the demos and hands-on portion where you can literally taste the love energy that goes into preparing food…this invaluable experience has confirmed that I am a chef at heart who is here to help heal the world, one plant-based meal at a time! During my travels following the course, I have learned to eat more simply utilizing what is available, and my brain is constantly thinking, “how can I make this dish more raw or alive?!”

- Monique Bogni, NYC"

Welcome to The Pure Joy Planet Level 1 Raw Vegan Culinary Arts Certification Course. This course gives the student with little or no raw food culinary experience a foundational training. It will help you to prepare and serve exquisite meals from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to advance in your professional culinary career or learn how to create healthy, healing gourmet dishes for your family and friends, this program will open your mind to a new and exciting way to prepare food. You will learn beginner techniques to create truly entertaining dishes, along with the science of flavor balancing and recipe development. We also offer a couple of advanced recipes to challenge and keep you engaged as you go along.

By the end of the Level 1 Certification Course, you will understand the ways in which the raw vegan food approach can support radiant wellness, and you will feel comfortable and excited about making your own simple to gourmet dishes.

Get ready to mix up new recipes in the kitchen, use spices and herbs you never knew had wellness-promoting properties, and walk away inspired to pursue your Level 2 Advanced Raw Chef and Instructor Certification.

You can complete the training on your own time in as little as a month, or at a pace, that's right for you (we recommend completing the course in 6 months but you can have as much time as you need). Once you have completed the course and certification criteria, you will obtain your Professional Certificate and be eligible to move onto our Level 2 Advanced Chef Certification Course. (See details below).

Become immersed in a fun and interactive culinary arts experience that is based on Elaina Love’s 20+ years of experience in developing allergy-free, low glycemic recipes! This 100% online course is designed to help you build a new career, while simultaneously helping you achieve the healthy body you have always dreamed of.

In this course, you will walk away with the skills:

  • How to succeed as a chef or teacher in the whole food wellness industry
  • How to navigate your kitchen like a pro - from set-up to everyday efficiency
  • How to nourish and heal your body with high energy superfoods
  • Recipes which fit into all styles of eating: raw, vegan, paleo, and low-glycemic/low-carb
  • All recipes have low glycemic sweetener options for the healing home/professional chef
  • Make delicious, nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes
  • Be a Holistic Raw Food Chef. This Whole Body, Mind, and Spirit Nutrition is perfect for individuals, families, cafes, and catering businesses. Teach your clients the best and most integrative diet
  • Optimized Nutrition for Gut & Brain Health
  • Tools for Optimal Living
  • Recipes you can eat on a daily basis (foundational foods)
  • We do not use or promote the use of agave, soy, sugar, cashews, or grains (absolutely no gluten)

Level 1 Raw Chef Certification Course Synopsis


These fundamental lessons are crucial for obtaining knowledge needed to become the best plant-based chef on the planet.


  • Mock Salmon Mousse
  • No Bean Hummus
  • Sunflower Onion Dip
  • Spicy Miso Paste for your rolls
  • Sushi Rolling

STUDENT REVIEW - Mock Salmon Mousse -"I would have NEVER believed it until now!! It even TASTES like salmon. Still can't get over how fluffy and mousse-like the Salmon Pate turned out. Thoroughly impressed!! Can't wait to put the left overs on seaweed wraps and dehydrate them for Scooby Snacks!!"


  • Juicing Recipes and Demos and the Best Juicers
  • Nut and Seed Milks and Creamers
  • Super Food Smoothies
  • Satisfying Creamy Soups

STUDENT REVIEW - Creamy Cilantro Soup -"It was incredible! I loved it, I loved the flavour and texture (I added very little water) and I was wishing I had some raw crackers to have with it, next time. I would definitely serve this soup at a dinner party, 5 stars from me!"


  • Salad Dressings
    • Red Bell Pepper
    • Tomato Vinaigrette
    • Green Goddess
    • Vegan Caesar
  • Marinated Kale Salad and best marinating techniques
  • Curried Carrot Salad and Waldorf Salad with Almond Mayo
  • Asian Flavored Seaweed Salad

STUDENT REVIEW - Asian Seaweed Salad -"YUM YUM YUM! I absolutely LOVE the flavour in this salad! I made it with wakame and it was so delicious! I used black sesame seeds and I really like the colour it brought to it, it allowed all the other colours to pop. I used sesame oil and cayenne powder. I really did not enjoy preparing the wakame though, the texture through me off. I like seaweed chopped up, but not in long strips of yuckiness! Next time I will probably just add flaked seaweed to the salad, and kelp noodles instead, I love kelp noodles. I love how all of your recipes give options, it is great for picky people like myself!"


  • Fresh Apple Granola
  • Buckwheat Crunch Cereal or topping
  • Breakfast or Dessert Parfaits

STUDENT REVIEW - Fresh Apple Granola - "I am one of those people that loves granola! I was stuck in the old thinking about oats and other food and that I had to make it my oven. So you could imagine my satisfaction when I saw that we could still eat granola! I had never used nutmeg in my granola before so this was a new taste for me. I love goji berries too and, like you, I am not a fan of raisins so it was good that that wasn´t in the recipe. I made it with dates and it tasted like heaven fresh! Now I have put it in my dehydrator and it will be even more exciting to see the result of that."


  • Spicy Fresh Mustard
  • Macadamia Mayo
  • Ketchup and BBQ Sauce


  • Veggie Burgers
  • Sprouted Buckwheat Bagels
  • Gluten-Free Almond Flat Bread
  • Super Seed Crackers (Sprouted)

STUDENT REVIEW - Veggie Burgers - "I served them on romaine salad blades with the mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, fresh mustard, some parsley and a little chili. They were so good! I am going to try them with macadamia nuts next time and see if they get like a little bit “cheezier” taste. I served the Veggie Burgers in romaine salad. I also made the BBQ dressing and put it on top. Then I took some fresh mustard (I did myself) and of course the mayonnaise that you recommended. It was so good!"


  • Zucchini Pasta Noodles
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Alfredo Sauce
  • Mac N Cheeze Sauce
  • Neat Balls with Savory Herbs and Spices
  • Assembly Plate of Pastas with Neatballs and Sauces

STUDENT REVIEW - Neat Balls - "Simply the best!!! My family loved the burgers, but these “neat balls” were truly amazing. My son just popped them into his mouth, nothing added and savored the taste. We also served them over pesto pasta. Very delicious. I made more of them later on and we added them to the soups, salads. No need for sauces or condiments (they were very tasty on their own), but we tried it with barbecue sauce and wow, loved it. Served them over lettuce leaves with sides: sauerkraut, pickles and spring onion quarters." Mekto, Sweden


  • Basic Cheesecake
  • Bavarian Crème Custard
  • Decadent Chocolate Pudding
  • Parfaits
  • Chocolate Clusters
  • Spirulina Fudge

STUDENT REVIEW - Decadent Chocolate Pudding - "The texture! I have made chocolate avocado pudding a few times before and it is always creamy and delicious. Having said that, this recipe was the absolute most beautiful texture! It was extra creamy and silky smooth. I used this as dessert for company and topped it with sliced almonds and banana spears, they LOVED it! I wish I took a picture of how I presented it. I assume the irish moss paste and coconut oil worked wonders on the texture of this deliciousness. To sweeten it I used some dates and maple butter. It worked out perfect. Next time I will definitely try this in the parfait!"

Level 1 Raw Chef Certification Course Includes

  • A complete recipe manual. Downloadable and printable PDF’s to read and practice over and over again
  • Comprehensive instructional videos. Thorough demonstrations to help you understand each step in the preparation and presentation.
  • Your Guide to Kitchen Tools and Equipment
  • Professional Recipes for Cafes and Restaurants
  • Low-Glycemic Gluten/Grain-Free, Decadent Gourmet Desserts
  • Nutritional information and guidance on how to live a healthier low sugar life
  • Gluten-Free Bread, Crackers & Granolas
  • Tips and techniques for plating and catering like a pro
  • Precise and Polished Recipe Demonstrations
  • Useful Recipes and Ideas for a Commercial Food Business
  • Ask questions. Your personalized online student learning portal is a place where you can comment and get your questions answered.
  • Choose to get your Pure Joy Professional Certification and receive these bonuses:
    • Our experienced faculty. Online support via email, Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm MST, USA.
    • Access 24/7 to Pure Joy Planet's Online Community. Be invited to our private student Facebook group to connect, get advice, and network with instructors, alumni and current students.
    • Receive Your Beautiful Certificate saying that (your name) is Certified as a Level 1 Raw Food Chef by Pure Joy Culinary Academy (signed by Elaina Love)
    • Exclusive invitation to Pure Joy Academy's Alumni Retreats and Business Mastermind Events.

How You Will Learn

We've made it simple for you to earn your certification at Pure Joy Academy. Our step by step recipe course has been successful with over 10,000 graduates and you can refine your raw cheffing skills too!

Q: Is online learning effective?

A: Yes! In fact, a 2015 study by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that students in the health professions acquire knowledge and skills through online learning as well as or better than they do through traditional learning. Q

What You Can Do With Your Certification

This chef certification will prepare you to do the work you love with confidence. Once you have completed your Level 1 Certification, you can advance on to Pure Joy Academy's Level 2 Advanced Raw Chef Certification and obtain your Advanced Professional Certification.

You will have the skills and practice to create the career of your dreams in the plant-based holistic wellness industry with the guidance from Elaina Love and the Pure Joy Academy Team and Alumni through our Pure Joy Graduates Community and private networking/support group.

• Teach clients one-on-one

• Write a cook book

• Teach cooking classes

• Cater retreats

• Host cooking shows

• Create meal plans

• Teach in corporate wellness programs

• Become a private chef

• Become a food blogger/influencer

• Create your own food products


Work at Your Own Pace or With a Pure Joy Academy Instructor

As part of the certification process the Pure Joy Team provides guidance and feedback as you learn. The Professional Certification Program allows you to work on your own or have access to live chat anytime Monday to Friday 9-5pm MST.

Learning How to Shop

What are the best ingredients and where to shop for them? Learn how to outfit your kitchen like a pro with the top-rated culinary tools and ingredients. You will gain access to our favorite brands and ingredients so you can feel confident you will get the best out of your recipes.

Join our Pure Joy Family!

Once you complete your Professional Certification, Pure Joy Academy offers job opportunities working with our alumni, in our production facility or as an independent instructor teaching classes in your own home town. Let’s spread the health and pure joy message together!

As a Certified Pure Joy Chef, you will be part of our Pure Joy Alumni database. This exclusive group provides an amazing opportunity to network and connect with others in this exciting culinary field. We have graduates from around the world who actively ask questions and post job opportunities. Elaina Love and the Pure Joy Academy Team are available daily to answer questions at anytime.

As a graduate, you will also be invited to our exclusive Pure Joy Alumni Summer Retreats.

"First time I roll a sushi but I will definitely do it again. I just love this recipe. Here I made two different sushi rolls first one like suggested with lettuce leaf topped with mock salmon pate, julienned bell pepper, julienned cucumber, julienned carrot, chopped parsley, avocado, Alfa Alfa sprouts and chiffonade, lettuce for filling. Second one was made without the bell pepper and carrot, less mock salmon pate and more sliced avocado for my husband and my daughter. Both were delicious. We all love sprouts and I am happy to learn how to use them in different ways. They fill the roll perfectly without making it to hard and heavy. I loved the creaminess of the pate combined with the veggies and what I found interesting about this recipe is that I didn’t need to add any salt. Taste was just ok with the saltiness from the pate."

- Sandra, 2018

"I absolutely LOVE this course, how it is set up so we can work at our own pace. Your videos are informational and the course package that comes with it has good information included. I made the lasagna a couple of days ago and it's amazing as is the bell pepper dressing! I even shared it with my colleagues at a catering company I work for and they (big meat eaters) thought it was fantastic!!"

- Liz P

"I am absolutely loving my Raw Chef Training! Each time I watch one of the online videos, I feel motivated and inspired to get in the kitchen and "cook"! Elaina has a beautiful way of expressing her vast knowledge about raw foods and nutrition in a way that feels inviting and supportive. Because of her genuine approach, I feel as though I know her even though we have yet to meet in person. One of my favorite recipes is the Rice Paper Spring Rolls with the Sunflower Pate! Wow! What a healthy, happy treat to bring to a party! And, the variations are endless. I really love it with the crunch of the daikon. I also really love the Chocolate Clusters. I try to keep them hand at all times.... they easily fill the need for the perfect sweet treat followed with a cup of herbal tea. Yummy! I love that Elaina encourages her students to have fun and play with the recipes. I found that sometimes I felt compelled to add more of 'this' and less of 'that' and each time my dish has turned out delightfully yummy! I have been a vegan for many years and I have wanted to learn how to include more raw foods into my life, yet I have felt afraid of failing until now. This course has sparked an inner belief in myself that had been asleep. Elaina's loving kindness is contagious and she delivers the recipes and nutritional information in a way that makes me want to keep making new recipes every day. This course has been such a gift for me! I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle one recipe at at time!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share vegan treats with people and to watch them awaken to the wonderful world of plant based eating!

Thank you so much!"

- Jennifer V

Get intimate access to your online Instructor and peers, ask questions and personalized feedback on the things you're learning and applying via our online private facebook support group. Be supported by an entire community of creative chefs just waiting to cheer you on with your recipe achievements. (You may even make a creative friend for life!)

If you have any tuition or course questions please contact [email protected]


Providing plant-based, health-supportive professional cooking & chef training programs to students from around the world.

Your Instructor

Elaina Love
Elaina Love

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 plant-based recipe books, a speaker, and an internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina Love is the founder and director of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a cutting-edge plant-based culinary arts and nutrition school. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies.

Over the last 20 years, Elaina’s low glycemic, grain-free, full-flavored holistic recipes, and gourmet dishes have shaped the vegan food industry. She has coached and inspired hundreds of aspiring chefs and individuals who want to change their life, both in person and through her online programs.

Through whole, and mostly plant-based foods, cleansing, and fasting, Elaina has healed herself from a serious case of systemic candida, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances during menopause and cleared up her severe skin problems. She is the creator and producer of the first-ever nut milk bag, The Amazing Nut Milk Bag, and continues to create new recipes and content for online courses and retreats.

This is no ordinary online course...

In addition to the full instructional and professional recipe videos, we provide features to accommodate all the different ways people like to learn, so you can internalize the information easily!

  • Lifetime access - so you can review the content as many times as you like, forever!
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Elaina and Kate - to ask your questions directly, live and in person! (They're even recorded, in case you miss one!)
  • Ask questions anytime - we're always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and we're committed to personally answering your questions, usually within 24 hours
  • Printable PDF materials - if you like to follow the videos along on paper, or keep them handy for a quick reference
  • Downloadable MP3 files - so you can review the content while you commute, workout, garden, ... anytime!

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

A peak into some of the recipes you will learn

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Can I book a one-on-one consultation wtih Elaina Love or one of the Pure Joy Culinary Academy staff?
Absolutely! We are here to help! As part of the certification program, we offer a 15 minute goal setting call with Elaina or one of the team. We are also available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm MST for questions during your coursework. Once you are ready to take your final verbal exam, you are required to book another call with Elaina!
What if I have food intolerances or allergies?
We understand that every individual is unique and we’ve designed your program with that in mind. The recipes are 100% gluten-free and meal plans come with an accompanying guide with suggested alternatives and replacements so you never have to miss out! We have alternatives to all the recipe ingredients. If a recipe doesn't have an alternative listed, just comment below the recipe and one of our loving staff will be happy to find you one. The best part is, all ingredients in this course are free from white sugar, soy, gluten, peanuts, agave, processed additives, dairy, meats, and even cashews so you can enjoy with ease!
What equipment do I need for this course?
A high-powered blender (Vitamix or something similar) A food processor (one that comes with a slicer/shredder blade is recommended) A dehydrator is nice but not required (it's okay to bake your dehydrator recipes at 250F) A sharp, 8-inch chef's knife with guard A Large wooden (bamboo) cutting board A juicer (nice but not required. A blender will work) A nut milk bag
Are there any prerequisites or requirements to take this course?
There are no formal prerequisites for this course. Pure Joy Academy does have expectations that our students are self-motivated and active learners and have the desire to take the time to learn recipes each week. You will get the most out of this course if you practice regularly, which means there will be plenty of food to cook and share.
What type of support do I get with this course?
We pride ourselves on making this the most interactive and support learning process possible. We know how hard online learning can be, that's why we offer many opportunities for interaction, engagement, and support you throughout your course. As an instructor-guided course, you will have an opportunity to interact with our instructors in multiple ways. This includes regular live online Q&A sessions for our student community. Additionally, there are discussion forums to engage with classmates and your Pure Joy Academy instructional team.


You CAN be the chef you've always wanted to be – you just need the right tools and techniques to make your recipes unforgettable.

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